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November 26, 2008


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Are you expressing embarrassment for them, and if so, why? The suspense and symbolism in that photograph is just incredible.

And this is a hell of a lot better than seeing Honecker and Brezhnev kissing.

(N.B., in that particular case, it actually wasn't a Russian habit, because Honecker did it with everybody. A couple of years ago, Jaruzelski remarked that Honecker was a particularly sloppy kisser.)


J. J.

The caption is quite classic, I think.

“President Cristina Fernández closed the distance between Argentina and Mexico that had existed during the Fox area, toasting an end to the ‘lethargy’ in the relationship and declaring her ‘affection and sympathy’ for Felipe Calderón and his wife, Margarita Zavala.”

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