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November 25, 2008


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Since Moscow isn't really making the kind of mischief it did up until 1991, I'm really curious to see if the folks who lean commie can actually learn to behave like democrats. If either Ortega or Chavez lost free and fair elections and went on to become an opposition party, it seems to me (and when it comes to things Latin America, I am pretty much Mr. Dunning Kruger effect himself) that it might be a wonderfully positive step forward not only for central and south America, but humanity as a whole.

And speaking of that earlier post of yours, I'd still like to see your thoughts on why those of us who last summer were saying that the Hubbert Peak meant $150/bbl oil was here to stay were so drastically wrong.

Hubbert peak post, check. Will come forthwith, holidays permitting.

I agree with you about opposition. One thing to keep in mind regarding Sr. Ortega, at least, is that his party did in fact lose an election and go into opposition back in 1990. That's one of the things that makes recent events in that country so perplexing.

That said, another thing to keep in mind that many Sandinistas are peeling off from Ortega not because he is a man of the left, but because he has been acting like an autocrat.

Speaking of the 007 movie, you may remember that in the original short story "Quantum of Solace" - which is basically a Maugham-style anecdote - Bond is also a friend of Fidel Castro.

There's a passage where Bond silently looks back to his recent mission of torching a number of yachts that the Cuban revolutionaries have used for gun-running. He regards it as a dirty work which he has only done out of his sense of duty, and confesses to himself that he actually sympathizes with Castro's rebels and their goals.

I'm not sure if the cinema makers deliberately decided to preserve this one element; otherwise, the movie obviously has nothing to do with the original short story - unlike _Casino Royale_, which was, mutatis mutandis, actually quite loyal to the novel.


J. J.

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