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October 11, 2008


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The Kung Fu Monkey disagrees!


Apparently 'Quarantine' is a /very/ faithful remake -- like, almost shot-by-shot. Opinions seem to vary as to whether it's better, but nobody seems to think it's worse.

(Sadly, I have little time for going to grown-up movies in theaters these days. I did get to see my six-year-olds eyes get huge last night when Darth said he was Luke's father. WHAT? NO!)

Doug M.


Doug, forgive me if I'm wrong, but KFM seems to be entirely ignorant of the fact that Quarantine is, in fact, a remake of a very good Spanish film. Did I miss that?

He seems to love it, without recognizing that's a Goddamned remake!!!

OK, maybe I'm overlooking the importance of re-recording the dialog in English.

(One great thing about America is that you don't have to change the characters' names when moving your movie from Barcelona to Los Angeles.)

But other than that ... "Rec" is the way to go. Except with your kids. I saw "Alien" at age nine, right after Dawn of the Dead ... my older brother can attest as to how little I slept for the next three years or so.

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