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September 30, 2008


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Wasn't the reason for "why Moscow would want to reward Nicaragua" stated right there in the article?

"Russian experts would visit Nicaragua next month to identify other potential joint projects, including petroleum exploration in the Caribbean."

As usual, they're scrounging for oil. It's just one more case of foreign policy driven by logistic considerations...

... with the added propaganda bonus of demonstrating that Russia is still capable of showing the flag in the western hemisphere if it wants to, of course.

The bit about the canal, now, that was hilarious. I thought that the age of mega-projects was over?

Perhaps next we will see Chávez and Ortega enlisting for the rejuvenated Russian space program. After all, even _Cuba_ has been in space already (the famous "Cosmic Cigar") so why not Venezuela and Nicaragua?


J. J.

Wasn't a Nicaraguan canal one of the 19th Century alternatives to the Panama route?

I can only imagine the ecological damage that a canal would cause Lake Nicaragua. And wouldn't Costa Rica have something to say about it?

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