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September 24, 2008


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Oh, please make her stop!!

Wow. Um, wow.
Giving her a bit of the benefit of the doubt, there could have been some selective editing to make it sound like she's incapable of a thoughtful or coherent response to any question at all, the fact that this happened still makes me wonder how McCain could have decided that this person would be an asset to the ticket.


This was actually a pretty smart move on McCain's part. With Palin he can secure the more conservative republicans that weren't convinced about McCain. He can secure the extreme evangelical Christians that also weren't nuts about McCain. It might also help him get more of the women's vote, which Obama might have jeopardized by not choosing Hillary as a running mate. And, last but not least, McCain needed someone to make his ticket look a bit younger and hipper to the young people.

She might be totally incapable, inexperienced, and just downright dumb, but McCain has good reason to choose her to balance out his ticket.

I'm one of those non-Americans who stops by here, although I don't really have that much interest in the elections.

But anyway. I don't see anything special. By the standards of the country that I live in, this would be considered a typical interview of any politician.

The one exception would be that over here, the politician would not speak in terms of what the leader has done and/or will do. I'd imagine that a Finnish candidate would instead choose to speak in the name of the Party, or collectively in the name of the presumed future cabinet. Direct references to the person would be missing.

(Yes, I know, presidential elections are by definition an issue of personality and personal track record, and that's the case over here as well. But under the political system that I'm living under, the issues discussed in this interview would have relevance in the _parliamentary_ elections.)

But still, even by the historic standards of American vice-presidents, I suspect that this interview probably wasn't all that unusual.


J. J.

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