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July 28, 2008


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And that's not a good whoa.

It's hard to see even if you double-click the picture to see the blow-up, but the poster has some photographs of "proper-looking" women along the bottom. Just in case you don't know what they mean, I suppose.

My interpretation of "proper-looking" would have been simply "pretty" or "young".

Which is another form of discrimination, of course, but sometimes, good looks actually are a part of the work. And they don't hurt when you're selling a pizza, either; pretty girls usually attract customers.

But, since Noel's conclusion seemed quite firm, I guess I'm just no good in detecting racism. So, since I'm not an American, could someone tell me what am _I_ missing?


J. J.

Nobody? Okay, I'll step up.

Jussi, I don't think that you're missing anything. Phrases have overtones that vary from society to society.

In the Dominican Republic, the phrase "buena presencia" has a fairly clear racial meaning.

Other countries vary. In Cuba, I've read, the phrase has the Dominican meaning.

In El Salvador, not at all. The phrase means "attractive," just as you interpreted it. Ditto Mexico, although it gets a little complicated.

In New York, the Caribbean meaning predominates. Certainly in that part of the Bronx, it does. Leastways that's what we figured when we saw the sign.

If you blow up the picture (just click on it) you can make out illustrations of what the sign-maker considered to be "good-looking."

I suspect a joke, to be honest. Anyone else?

I did zoom the picture as close as possible, but it still doesn't really show the girls accurately enough.

All I can see is that they have black hair, and a skin colour that I'd associate with people of Central/Latin American descent. You saw the pictures close, so you can tell if I'm guessing right.

Inasmuch as I have any kind of a scale on these matters, those ladies would register as having Caucasian origins, but still definitely of the more exotic sort.


J. J.

I've added a close-up below the fold. The two women on the left have blond hair, while the one on the right looks to have more dirty-blonde light-brown.

I'm still not sure that this was serious. The next time that I'm in New York, I'll check.

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