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June 20, 2008


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I actually lefted the room once Croatia scored. I returned when I heard the yelling when Turkey tied it up.

It was an amazing finish.

That said, if Turkey plays against Germany like they did in the second half of that game, I am guessing they will get their clocked cleaned.

Germany was just amazing against Portugal.

I thought both sides were really impressive in the Germany-Portugal game. The Portuguese had possession a lot longer; the German defense was a wall of steel. Good game.

And then there was the Russia-NL game. Geeeez. Who ordered that?

Yeah, go Spain. It's on right now.

Doug M.

And Spain takes it in penalty kicks! First victory over Italy since 1920!! Oraleeeee!!!

And a game not unlike your capsule description of Germany-Portugal, I don't think.

Dunno what happened yesterday, though. That said, my main reason for disliking the Russian team was that it was the Russian team. My secondary reason for disliking it was that all the players were white. Which is another way of saying that it was a Russian team.


You have mentioned Zac Pelleriti. Could you please say something more about him?(Nothing malicious intended.)

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