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May 04, 2008


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The good: I used to belong to a garden club. Now all we "grow" are cacti and happily, the pumpkin seeds the girls spilled on the 120-degrees-in-the-summer balcony fell into the iceplant below and one of the resulting plants is flowering.

The weird: My husband and I were casing the joint... er house-browsing in a Bay Area suburb that is not known (accurately or not) for its diversity. As our car rolled down the perfect street, my husband looked for For Sale flyers while I looked for evidence that I'd feel comfortable living there - there were no kids' bikes, no driveway backboards, and in fact no people until... "Oh! Hey! That guy mowing his lawn is Latino!" I said happily.

You guessed it: The ONE man outside on this day was a gardener.

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