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May 29, 2008


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I was wondering if you'd be willing to do me a favor, and help me out with the economics of a TL I'm tinkering with. I'm trying to figure out the course of an alternate Depression in Germany.

And, if the answer is yes, could I get your email?

Thanks in advance,

Scott (Faeelin)

If one looks around the world, it comes apparent that everything that has happened in the world is also in Mexico's history-- everything that is except nuclear clouds and tsunamis. Except in Mexico it seems they get played out in Fast Forward. Every goofy scheme, every disaster, mostly self-inflicted. Just wait, as the oil fields play out over the world, imagine the turmoil!! When there is no more 'free lunch' for the politicians to play with to finance things without accountability, such as the Nanny Society in Europe, Mexico, to some degree int he US, and especially in Arabia. When the monuments being constructed in Dubai become covered in sand in a few years. Wow!

[W]ho knows how much oil is in the rest of West Africa?

There were a few articles recently about how prospectors working off the Ghanaian coast had found substantial deposits of oil and (I think) natural gas. An apparently common reaction to this news was "Dear God, no."

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