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May 06, 2008


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I feel somewhat the same about San Juan's light rail. Might revise it if they finally re-extended it to the rest of the island, but it doesn't really seem to go anywhere useful in SJ.

Maybe it's just me.

The San Juan subway is probably an even bigger white elephant.

Am I wrong about the HST? As always, I'm open to counterarguments.

You just don't get it! This will definitely show to the world that Argentina is indeed a first world country. This reminds me of Menem's own pet project, a rocket to travel to Japan in just 3 hours.

Given all the urgent and serious problems Argentina faces right now, I cannot find a sound reason to endorse this project. As a political strategy, it seems clear that a major infrastructure project will immortalize the new president while attempting to shift public attention away from more pressing matters.

Well, los Brujos were very good, back in the day. So there is an upside to the "Train to Nowhere."

Lety, I'm trying to understand the politics behind the project, and I'm having trouble. Does Kirchner (either one) or the P.J. believe that this sort of prestige project will win them votes in the 2011 election? If so, why? If not, why are they building it?

Question: Is there enough traffic--and enough likelihood of a shift to train traffic--between those cities to actually make the plan financially viable?

Good to hear from you, Randy! I've been looking, and I haven't yet found anything resembling a serious cost-benefit analysis. The Economy Ministry estimates 7500 passengers per day, but I have no idea what that projection is based on.

That's a bit stunning. The past generation's worth of discussion of a Windsor-Québec high-speed railway have hinged on whether or not there'd be enough users to justify the cost.

Has there been _any_ discussion about the viability of a high-speed train route in Argentina before this announcement?

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