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April 04, 2008


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I think the polls and surveys show that the manufactured scandal around Reverend Wright was a blip. It seems to be similar to Lou Dobbs flogging immigration hysteria. The shouty man is shouty again! big deal.

(Another bit of evidence in favor of my hypothesis that the news media has become a means for advertisers to aggregate consumers by gullibility.)

It may be that Obama's speech defused the effects, or that the American public saw it for what it was, or (my guess) some combination of the two.

On the other hand, Clinton's idiotic Tuzla lie does seem to have affected voter perceptions.

Regionally, I suspect those white spaces are actually blue, and that a bit more of the Northern Plains are actually purple. It would not astonish me to see Arkansas red.

Anyway. I am seeing some weaknesses develop in McCain's open bar strategy in dealing with the press. (I really would like to see some of the issues the Arizona press has covered to reach the national stage, because McCain is temperamentally unable to defuse them the way Obama defused the Rezko claims with the Chicago Tribune. But given the territoriality of journalists and the predispositions of producers, it might not happen.) But it seems more likely to me that McCain will decline when he makes another unexplainable 'senior moment' at the right stage of the news cycle, or if he has a dodgy health report.

And the equation, McCain = Grandpa Simpson, is working its way through the quiposphere, my friends. The wolves! I've been doing my part for a month. I suppose I should start with the McCain/Elizabeth Edwards ticket ones, or maybe Photoshop a face appearing in McCain's left growth. I mean cheek.


Barack Obama has a posse.

More evidence: "They eat people! For the love of Pete, they’re big, angry bears. They eat people. Not that I say we go out and kill all of them, but I mean, it doesn’t seem to be a problem here. Senator, I can’t take the — I can’t take the lies anymore."

Man, I remember when CNN Headline News was an efficient, professional network, where crazy people only appeared in news footage, wearing orange jumpsuits. I can't wait for the Guantanamo Group Home Act of 2009.

Not sure what value added a non-American can provide. Internationally, it is not unusual for a women from the dominant/majority community to lead a country. In fact, supposedly progressive North America is now the only continent to never have had an elected female head of government. (Bachelet, Johnson-Sirleaf, Thatcher etc, Gandhi/Mier/Aquino etc, Clark). I'm not sure why.

On the other hand, it is extremely unusual for a man from a significant minority group (one that hasn't bought in to the majority narrative) to get elected. There are a few (Canada, the UK -- depending on your view of Scotsmen). But its less common.


Unsurprising, but psychologically interesting.


J. J.

JJ, it was Republican Fox News commentator Brit Hume who tried explaining one of McCain's (many) gaffes as a 'senior moment'. Hume is only seven years younger than McCain. Gerontophobia?

Personally, I think McCain is merely psychologically brittle and woefully uninformed, and not necessarily on the fast track to senility. However, we've already had one president who was at least pre-Alzheimer's in the White House, which set an on-going precedent on the Republican side for junior appointees to make exuberant and opaque policy decisions. No more, thank you.

McCain also has had recurrent melanoma, the last round malignant, and often appears physically weak and winded on stage -- this presumably with the best makeup and dress handlers money can buy.

You wouldn't buy him if he were a car, even if you respect the mileage.

But he schmoozes with the press well. I'm not kidding about the open bar.

Carlos/Doug/Noel-- I tried to post a comment last week that contained a whole bunch o' links about Pennsylvania, which your site's software ate. Want me to email to you?

Sure -- try myfirstname dot mylastname at gmail.

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