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April 08, 2008


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I knew that third one looked familiar.

Much better photo, sir. At second glance, you can't really make out the sign about the tourists in the one that I shot.

I'm very curious to know what were you looking for when you came across the wiki photo the first time. After all, Barcelona squats aren't an immediately obvious object of curiousity. Have you been to Barcelona, or was it random websurfing?

Never been to Barcelona; I remember the picture from its nomination at Wikipedia Featured Pictures.


Quoth one of the commenters: "Anarchists in Spain often use "K" for any spellings that would otherwise require a "C" in solidarity with the Basque language and its intentional use of "K" to separate itself from Castillian."

I see "K" used occasionally for "Qu" here in PR. Especially for kenepas/quenepas, which are little kumquat-like fruits popular in the south, but I've seen it elsewhere, too.

Is there an anarchist resonance there, or just Americanization of spelling?

In Puerto Rico, I'm pretty sure that it's Americanization. The informal use of "k" has grown much more common in Mexico over the last few years, and the conventional wisdom blames it on Americanization.

"OK" enters language ---> que = "k" becomes engrained ---> wacky spellings ensue.

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