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March 22, 2008


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If I may ask, Noel, what are you doing in the DR?

Archival research. I'd be happy to post on the project and whatever little I find while I'm there, if people are interested.

Oh, that was the satire. I thought that was the ad... It's been a while since we had TV.

Hi, Michael,

That makes sense! Only the first few seconds of what I posted before came from the Clinton ad; the rest was a satire aimed at the way Clinton tried to scare voters without telling them why they should be scared or how she would fight the cause of their fears.

I think I may put up another post on this topic.

So where did the stock footage come from?

Hi, Anastasiya, apologies for the delay in answering.

The footage is owned by Getty Images, which created it for generic use in commercials whenever the producer needed a shot of a little girl safe in bed: say, as Knowles suggests, pajamas, cough syrup, or, well, home security systems.

The Clinton campaign paid for its use.

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