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March 12, 2008


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Noel, you owe me 48 seconds of my life back.

To relate this to the next decade or two of your life, know that you'll find yourself attending lots of bad children's performances. Bad as in: stifle yourself from making snide comments about it because they're your children and also you don't want the other parents to hear you. Bad as in: Try not to laugh uncontrollably at the well-intentioned mediocrity of a third-grade recorder concert.

The thing is, as long as YOUR kids are in it, it's tolerable. When it's only other people's kids... well...

I never thought that I would see something that could make me cringe as badly as Christian death metal. I was wrong. Noel, I learn new things from you every day.

Obviously you've never been to a Carlebach minyan where Lekha Dodi is sung to the tune of Amazing Grace. It's just a melody, right?

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