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February 04, 2008


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One must take the following blather with the knowledge that I am in no way a "Hātriot"

going into the SuperBowl, I was generally ambivalent about the outcome

[The Atlanta season was "Thirty yards and... a mouth of ashes" and never need be spoken of again]

The host of the party I attended is from New Hampshire and more than half of the attendees were Pats fans and I would have been OK with a NE win if it had been a good game.

What shook me out any ambivalence was something supremely silly, only in the way that supermodels are silly.

It was either right before kick-off or early in the first quarter when the cameras panned up to the luxury suite where Tom Brady's girlfriend Gisele Bündchen was looking bored and sipping a glass of red wine.

I have generally favorable feelings towards the Goldenboy and that was holding back any negative feelings I had towards Boston. Hotness don't hurt!

That image of the millionairess (having earned $33 million in 2007, adding to her estimated $150 million fortune) torqued me off for some reason.

Of course I didn't expect her to be down in the stands wearing a Patriots jersey, downing a Sam Adams, but still.

From that moment on all that irked me about the Patriots came to fore (Belicheat, running up the score against the Bills and Dolphins, etc)

The Patriots had to lose and if it took a Giants win to do it. well so be it.

ok. politics. cough it up, Noel. It's been a long night already out here in Cali.

Commiserations, Noel, on both the Pats and the MA primary. Any good war stories? I didn't get around to doing any active campaigning for Obama (except a bit of word-of-mouth) in the week since my guy dropped out. There was a bit of Obama organization in Amherst, which wound up going for him by 2-1.

There is a great map at the Boston Globe site showing town-by-town results:


Obama won in all the traditionally liberal areas except Provincetown (was the business with the anti-gay speaker at some of his rallies that big a deal?). Hillary cleaned up 3-2 in all the areas I think of as Catholic blue-collar, e.g. Quincy. Her biggest margin that I noticed was 4-1 in Fall River -- she did well across the country among poorer people who were not black. Any comments on the demographics?

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