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February 17, 2008


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I am bowled over -- I talked to my dad in rural Indiana yesterday. He just read Obama's book (couldn't remember which one, but I'm betting it's Audacity of Hope) and he says he's gonna do it. Vote Democratic, first time in his life.

(Unless Hillary gets the nomination -- which I still don't get. She's still light-years better than McCain, and my dad admits it. So what's that point? I don't know, and he couldn't articulate it. I'm guessing pernicious media influence.)

He also says they'll get some kind of dirt on Obama. I laughed, told him they're going to be looking for a while in that case. I said the worst they've found so far, and not for lack of trying, is his middle name, and he laughed and said he'd gotten an email yesterday that said Obama's middle name was Mohammed. That tickled him.

So my point: Obama seems to be polling well among my admittedly small sample of red-state Republicans. Also, the dirt they're making up is of lower quality nowadays; it's like their heart's just not in it any more.

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