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December 06, 2007


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Funny thing about the lack of baseball in Quebec is that parks in the neighborhoods that surround mine have busy cricket fields but I've never seen anyone playing baseball. You also get the feeling that Montrealers view baseball as that "thing we did as kids back during the Trudeau administration." The only thing relevant these days is the Canadiens, and do you really need anything else? Coming from the south, playing baseball as a kid, I am still a newbie to the ice thing...I try not to let it get out that I barely know how to skate.

Well I remember Toronto's brief shining moment as a baseball power. The next year, the players struck and we forgot all about the sport.

You know, in my experience, New Yorkers are no less polite as a group than most other North Americans. The rude Calgarians surprise me - when I was last there I found the aw-shucks faux-small town friendliness a little off-putting.

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