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November 20, 2007


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Not quite as abstract as it might be.

True. "More-or-less."

But in this case ... I'm cracking up all over again. They can't not know, can they?

1) Oh my people.

2) What the hell are the *boats* doing?

Hey, sometimes a banana is just a banana.

You know, I completely missed the second boat. I thought it was Noah's Ark.

Fish are never just fish, Bernard. Nor are cigars ever just cigars. We both have family in South Florida, sir, where such things are more obvious than elsewhere.

Wait ... you do have family in South Florida, right?

I am relieved that nobody from the Middle East has linked to this post. That Feedjit thing, it is scary.

Total cultural divide here: I didn't get it. Just didn't get it. What the hey? Fish and boats from a nation of fishers? Yes?

Doug enlightened me. (We don't to the fish-thing much in Germany. Or at all.) Yes, funny!

However, did you see the link from Dubai? ;-)

I'm still not getting it, apparently.

"Wait ... you do have family in South Florida, right?"

Yeah, my mom's cousin Chi Chi Rodriguez (no relation to the other golfer) and family never left Miami. I get your point on the cigars.

Andrew: you're in Texas, right? Follow the cars.

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