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November 05, 2007


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You crazy, the Canadian flag looks great.

Dude, the Canadian flag is a *well* designed corporate logo. It's distinctive and iconic and inoffensive, with a Q score through the roof.

We all know which flag looks like it was designed by a committee. It doesn't matter: http://achewood.com/index.php?date=05172006



It could be worse:


Yikes. That isn't a flag, it's a game of Concentration. And I thought the Maryland state flag was a little busy.

Toynbee tiles?

There's an election on, y'all! A vitally-important Earth-shatttering election.

Or not. But still.

Toynbee tiles. It's a Philly thing (mostly), you wouldn't understand. Not that I understand either.

What can I say... to paraphrase something that you once wrote, Wikipedia is my Minesweeper.

I think we're starting to annoy Noel by not commenting on the actual substance of his post. (Noel, whatever you write about, by all means continue to illustrate it with pictures of the future Mrs. Noel.)

Dennis, first part: yes. Jeez. Nobody has like nothin' to say? No analogies with other countries? No excursions into imperial history? No commentaries about candidate-beating? Nada? Nothing?

More specifically: nothing to entertain /me/?

That means you, ostensible blog-owner guy, always with the interesting stuff followed by "but I'll be back manana with like even more interesting stuff, for real." Not that pomengran ... pome ... however you spell 'em aren't interesting. Too interesting --- I but did ruin some very nice clothes on a trip to Saudi with those bloody things.

Phooey. Not that I'll stop, but still, phooey.

Dennis, second part: yes! Of course. Ain't she beautiful? I am, as always, and to my surprise, stunned.

Bought the wedding rings today.

Re the flag - I'll ignore the bait and swallow my nationalism. You must admit that at least we left out the ubiquitous blue.

Beating of candidates is pretty bad, wherever they were. Bermuda's just kicked off its election, and while the Premier is invectivating all over the place, no-one is throwing punches or rocks. The Premier is, however, trying to gag the media over some stolen police files which he says are defamatory. Why he chose to go to the polls just after the Privy Council turned his press ban down, is a bit of a mystery.

I second Dennis on the future Mrs. Noel.

James: I guess it would depend on whether the Premier thinks that his attempt to gag the press will cost him votes. Will it?

Candidate-beating is bad; Amma's (having spent much of her youth in next-door Belmont) first reaction was just that any opposition candidate who tried to campaign in Laventille had to understand the risks --- it's a neighborhood where people have been assaulted just for wearing UNC T-shirts.

It's hard to tell. Attempting to gag will cost some votes, I think, and failing some more, but it's really the odd timing I wonder about. See, the press has been gagged the whole summer while the case went up through the courts to the PC. Nobody was paying attention then. People were expecting a summer election anyway, so he could have gone then and had the campaign well over before the ruling. Alternately he could have waited, let the files be printed and the fuss to die down. Now they'll come out during an election.

Btw, I agree with you on the dangers of an over-powerful prime minister, but I'm very attached to the Westminster model. Seems to me the answer is MPs with more guts but it may be the times have changed too much for that to work anymore.

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