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October 11, 2007


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So, you're saying that Spike Jonze should have added more fan-dancing and choppy-sock?

I can't disagree.


color me not _as_ highly impressed with the Julio Voltio video as you.

and ranking it above "Sabotage" ?!? wow

I have to admit a bias as I hold no great love for Reggaeton

its the same sound hook over and over and over.

hmmpph, No you kids go CUT your hair and STAY off my lawn !! harumph

But you are nonetheless "highly impressed," Sir Wallace? I count that as a victory.

Plus, the new generation has much shorter hair already.

And Led Zeppelin made a living with songs that were just the hook over and over andover and overand and overandoverandoverandoverandover. So what's wrong with that?

Oh, great -- now my brain is all "Gotta whole lot of LOVE... nyeeer... Gotta whole lot of LOVE"

And this is after having Enya's "Shephard Moons" stuck in there all evening. Improvement? Not a meaningful question.

Doug M.

At least Page/Plant weren't as bad as the frickin' Police

"Send me out an S.O.S" (x 23 or so)

Auuuggh! Now I need MP3 action FAST to get that damn SOS out of my head! I hate that song.

Reggaeton is OK music -- hearing it every damn day for years sort of embeds it into you. Funny story -- when our son was 5 was the first year we were here. Dame más gasolina (Daddy Yankee) was big and it was our son's absolute favorite song, which was good because the high-rise next door played it basically every day.

After 10 months here, we left for Budapest for a while. And the kids missed their reggaeton -- until Daddy Yankee hit the German charts that summer and we were just walking along in Tesco one day and "Dame más gasolina" came on the TV sets. The kids (and I) were floored. It was truly a global moment.

(Then we came back here that fall and heard Crazy Frog playing in a back street and the circle was complete.)

Yet another circle completes ... Crazy Frog. Oh, man. I'd forgotten all about that. Although if you want the worst ever Eurotechnowhateveritis, it wouldn't be Crazy Frog, it'd be /Crazy Duck/.

Trust me, you don't want to know. Doug, Carlos, does real European music ever make it to the Eurovision contest? One day I gotta watch that thing.

For intellectual interest, of course.

To paraphrase that great lyricist:

"I like to play Hank Williams Jr records, just as loud as they will rock. I'm into Lynyrd Skynyrd, Run DMC, and DJ Scott La Rock. I like Willie, Waylon, George and Merle, and a lot of ZZ Top. I like country, soul, rock-n-roll, and I love me some hip hop. I don't like no new wave techno bands around. I'm a drink a couple dozen beers, go out and jam some gears. I'm a long haired rock-n-roll son of ... uh ... New York."

And in Puerto Rico, reggaeton is so mainstream as to blare out of municipal websites. Although, well, "Dame más gasolina" is a little bit risque, although you've got to understand Boricua slang to get it.

Hey, remember Divine?:

OMG this one's even worse:

I forgot about two of the most flagrant examples of the "repeat one riff ad nauseum" genre: Ravel's Bolero, and the first movement of Shostakovich's "Leningrad" symphony.

I have just been reminded that I do, in fact, enjoy both New Wave and (some, albeit not a lot) techno.

Ni modo. I do, at the moment, have long hair. For a few more weeks, at least.

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