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October 08, 2007


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I bet when George Lucas gets shot by the FBI, the video won't be a *tenth* as cool.

A propos of nothing in particular, Victor Manuel Gerena, whom I guess was somthing of a fellow traveler of Ríos, has been on the FBI Ten Most Wanted list for the last 23 years.

Huh. I remember that (sort of). Our boy had just started first grade and the school was suddenly ultra-paranoid about security about a week after he started. The kid was six, I wanted to walk him to class, the headmaster yelled at me one day that it was against the rules, and security, and blah blah blah (really yelled, it was kind of weird), and they had FBI kids at the school, and two days later they didn't notice when our son ran out into the street after school. My wife really and truly reamed that poor headmaster for that one, said if they cared about security they should try having some and stop coming down on the people paying their salaries.

But what's really rich is that our son's best friend turned out to be the FBI kid. And he slipped out into the street a week or two later...

Ah, Puerto Rico. Even in the middle of an independentista revolt, nobody in Ponce really cares if some FBI kid runs out into the street. It's all security theater.

But they still have guards on the elementary school. They'll keep you from walking in without signing in for a badge. So instead you walk into the adjacent high school and through the hallway past the library. Sigh. (Of course, given that Puerto Ricans walk even less than Americans, this actually might be considered effective security here.)

Security theater is right.

Of course, that's an American thing as much as a Puerto Rican one.

And the revolution is also pretty theatrical, at least since terrorists shot up Congress in '54.

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