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September 14, 2007


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What else would you like to know about the Indian culture?
There is actually a very strong adherence to the Hindu religion here but it is never brought the the forefront of indian culture in Trinidad and that is why you came to the conclusion that we pick and choose what we like about the religion.

For some unknown reason the chutney music and all that goes along with it is promoted far more than the religion when it comes to indian culture.
I think Indo-Trinidadians greatest loss however is our language and this was literally only lost in the last 40 years. My grandmother is fluent in Hindi but her children cannot speak a word of it. This is because her children grew up when colonialism was on its last legs yet in order for them to go to a good school they had to speak english fluently. Thus english was the only language spoken within the household. I wish I could speak hindi. I shall hopefully learn it one day and finally be able to watch those Bollywood movies I love so much without having to read the subtitles and eventually teach it to my future children someday.

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