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August 05, 2007


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No bet. The pattern is common enough, as you noted. Wouldn't be surprised if a couple of friends of the family are in on the deal.

Sure. Which side would you like? But my uncle and aunt moved from Santurce to the lagoon, because new money wasn't quite enough to clean up the neighborhood, and there was a freakishly cheap handyman's special.

It'd be a good buy, Bernard, although there's a weird intersection between city and state politics. That makes it easy to block change.

The problem with being a speaker of Mexican is that Nelly Furtado seems to be singing "dude" over-and-over at the end of the song, when the real sentiment is more akin to "woooo."

Sorry, Dave, I'm not quite grokking. Are you saying that we're on for the wager, or that it's a sucker's bet?

Sorry - funeral between the time I posted and now. It's a sucker bet.

i dont know who wrote this bullshit article but what i do know is that if your writing about la Perla you should have your shit strait before you write it, now there are so many things i can prove you wrong about but id write my own article for that, so let me give you a lil insight. Im from san juan PR and that little story about how in 2002 violence got out of hand and 100 police officers had to patrol la perla is true tecnically but what you didnt mention was that inside la perla there were only like 10 officers in the main street (el hoyo) and they were right next to the sairs and hill; why? because they were to damn scared to go in much further because they got recieved fire from unknown positions so there really couldnt be 100 officers down there now if you had said that the other 90% of cops were on the board walk patroling the outside area like it actually happend i woulnt be calling you an ignorant publisher and personally i think its really messed up that your giving tourist the incorrect information about the place. the fact of the matter is that if you do go to la perla and your not from there or a local area your liable to get in big trouble (people DO get shot there dont take this idiots advice)but really dont take my word for it just go expirenece it for yourself ill bet youll never run so fast.

Hi, Pikita! I wrote the article; my name is at the bottom.

Thanks for the info about what went down in 2002, this is great stuff! I wasn't in Puerto Rico in 2002, so I only know what I people tell me. If you have more, please pass it on.

Pikita? You there?

Interesting insight on PR. Thanks.

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