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August 31, 2007


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Better off doing it earlier rather than later, I'd think. Currently Venezuela wouldn't be in a monopoly position vis-a-vis industrial users in Trinidad proper (who, if I gathered correctly, the government subsidizes already with cheap Trini gas.) That isn't the case with Russia vis-a-vis industrial users in either Belarus or Ukraine. If the Russians cut the tap, the Ukrainians suffer a great deal. If Chavez cuts the tap in a few years, Trinidad sees a bump up in its cost structure.

Besides, that whole situation looks dependent on perpetually high oil prices and Venezuela's own production not falling apart. Might not be a bad bet to figure that the pipeline will be under new management by the time it opens for business.

Hey I am from Trinidad and I must commend you on a brillant assessment of our economy. Just for general information purposes the citizens of Trinidad are asking the same questions you are asking.. as we would say "what would happen when the oil done?"
The government is making little to no effort at all to develop a budding manufacturing sector and thus it remains in infancy. Their focus is only on the present and not the future and something needs to change soon or our beloved country will just fall flat on its face.

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