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August 14, 2007


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Exxon is called "Esso," and they sell gasoline by the liter. Equally confusing.

Better not come to Canada then!! *g*

Esso come from "S O" for Standard Oil. It was one of the Baby Oils from the trust bust.

Me, I could live here, too -- but you couldn't get me to live in the SJ metro area for love or money. We have to go there every month or so for my son's nephrology checkups, and we use that opportunity to hit Borders and the food court at the mall for the comida-no-criolla fix, and usually a pass through Toys R Us to check for the latest Transformers, which effort on Hasbro's part has been pathetic of late. But that's all the metro area I can take.

Oh -- flat roofs are cheap roofs. They're concrete so the hurricanes won't blow them away, and they have tar on them so the water doesn't leak through and make stalactites on the ceiling.

They also sell a thick latex paint goop if you actually use your roof, like we do -- we're on the third floor in our condo and have the entire roof of the apartment as a terrace. Great place to hang your laundry, play soccer, grow hydroponics, whatever.

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