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August 20, 2007


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HA! You must not have driven in Ponce! Ponceños are out for blood when they drive -- calm, polite blood anyway. Once, a guy cut my wife off, saw her panicky face, and stopped and got out of his car to ask if she and the kids were all right. We love Puerto Rico and will never, ever leave again.

Road 10 has been under construction for a very, very long time indeed, and will be incomplete for many years to come, I'm afraid. Otherwise we'd probably head over to Arecibo -- and Camuy -- more often. As it is, whew, after Adjuntas it's horrible.

It took me a couple of years to get over my Indiana instincts: "But look at the map, this little road should get us there so much faster!" Four hours later and green gills on the kids, and my wife says, "You idiot. Never again."

I'm pretty sure if you took all those twisty little cordillera roads and stretched them out straight, this island would be the size of Texas.

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