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August 18, 2007


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Cemex bought it a few years ago -- we knew one of the managers (a really nice guy from Panama whose wife was a Kansan and whose son was the same age as ours; they were inseparable for a year).

The plant is being sued for the vast amount of concrete dust it strews over the entire western half of the island.

Didn't know about the telephone deal (I don't pay much attention to a lot of stuff like that and never read offline news, except for the headlines when standing in line to pay for my comida criolla) but telecomm is actually pretty healthy lately. I had PRT's DSL last year and it was quite good (here in Ponce, anyway) but right now am using the local cable company. There are three broadband providers in town that I know of, plus a wireless broadband provider I've been seriously considering looking into. More robust than Bloomington, anyway.

I honestly can't blame PRT for not expanding their DSL further; laying the wire is hell in the hills here, for not much return. And satellite cable/Internet has taken a lot of that market from them before they even started.

Gah. Not the western half of the ISLAND -- just the western half of PONCE. Sorry about that, got a little hyperbolic there.

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