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July 19, 2016


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This article in Newsweek looked at the possible mechanisms: http://www.newsweek.com/how-scotland-and-n-ireland-could-retain-eu-membership-474931

I found them interesting, but I think we are missing something here - there is no need for Scotland to represent the UK in the EU or for Scotland and Northern Ireland to rotate their representation on the Council.

Just exclude London from the definition of "England" under the putative "England and Wales Treaty". Voila, the actual seat of government remains in the EU along with the UK government ministers (who can then represent Scotland AND Northern Ireland). So keep Scotland, Northern Ireland, Gibraltar and London in the EU and take the rest out.

The London exclusion is unnecessary and unworkable.

Unnecessary, because the issue that needs to be solved is parliamentary sovereignty. It matters not where the parliament is located. The problem is that a parliament dominated by English representatives has the ability to overrule the Scottish assembly.

Unworkable, because nobody is going to put a tariff border around London.

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