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June 25, 2016


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The small towns that have held up best in Alabama tend to have colleges or be close to tourist attractions (Gulf Coast, Nature Preserves, Lakes, etc). Some towns in the Shoals have rather nice downtowns without the boutique feel of the tourist traps.

Everyone was watching the Copa America Centenario?

South Boston is a cute little town. It was an independent city for a while (that oddity of Virginia politics) but with population decline it realized that it could absorb itself back into the county, cut costs and so forth. And somehow, unlike other areas where this is discussed in Virginia, it was successful!

Unlike Danville to the west, South Boston never boomed and overbuilt itself. It was essentially a hub along the railroad focused on exporting tobacco. So it keeps its small town charm without excessive infrastructure that's run down.

I wouldn't be surprised if it's being propped up a tad by the tourist economy of Kerr Lake to the east.

It's probably the nicest portion of Southside.

SoBo (the local NASCAR track) probably helps with the tourism too.

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