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January 22, 2014


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Looks good enough on Yelp.

Yeah, but none of those people seems to have a clue what actual Mexican food in Mexico is like. One dude went wild for the red snapper tacos, which is all I need to know.

Another says he's thrilled to be able get good tacos in New York coming from Los Angeles, but the dirty little secret of Mexican food in L.A. is that most of the stuff on the Westside is not authentic. It's good all right, but it ain't nothing like what you'll find south of the 25th parallel. (Not a typo, by the way.)

If Fer C. did in fact grow up in the D.F., though, then I'll trust him. But that's only one! (Rob S. for some reason I do not trust.)

Live reports, anyone! JKR, can you help?

I get fish tacos because I generally cannot easily get anything but horrible Mexican in Atlanta. If you buy anything too cheap on their menu, it gets Mystery Meat too damned quick.


We were there in November. Kid friendly and the real stuff.

I am so on that, sir. Queens and kid friendly? And I have to admit that the Corona location gives me some confidence.

Sharing my observation that Mexican restaurants co-located with grocery stores are better than standalone restaurants.

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