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April 24, 2012


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My family was living a bit further south (so-called Hells Kitchen) and crosstown at the same latitude (77th and York). HK was working class Irish with some Italians. Yorkville (wasn't called that then I don't think) was middle class and very very mixed -- Irish, Germans, Jews, and every sort of Eastern European.

Been looking for my grandparents and older relatives, but as of 1940 most of them didn't have phones, making their addresses hard to find. (Some of them moved around a lot, which didn't help.)

This is interesting stuff.

Doug M.

Finding ancestors is almost impossible --- that's one of the reasons I'm focussing on the places instead.

My memory is shot. I actually had to look up the 317 address; I kept thinking it was 217. Luckily, there are some paper documents around.

Finding ancestors is impossible?! Why do you say that? Only your family or a more general problem?

The patrilineal line we have back to 1683 when we were exiled here: Scotland to New Jersey. Most of the family once they are State side we've been able to track back. We even have immigration records (including arrival papers!) for some.

Once we leave State side and start looking, it gets tough: my mom's family's records were destroyed in Piacenza, Italy, during WW2, frex.

Then again, we have those sorts of relatives that are really, really into this and we're, but modern standards, all pasty folk.

The fact we're pasty folk probably has some impact on finding those ancestors though and making it much, much easier. :S

Will ... I am referring to the 1940 census data.

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