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April 23, 2012


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A cautionary tale would be that with regards to our own family, we have found that the census takers were not so careful and mangled the names. William and Rose Baird's shades must be either amused or horrified at the mess that the Census lists their kids as being named vs what they really were.

I am certain that "Dominick" is an invention of the census taker, and I suspect that many of the other first names have been Americanized.

Moreover, "Mango" is an odd Italian name.

But it's what we have! Was your house around in 1940?

1930. They mixed the kids names up. I was recently contacted by my great aunt's granddaughter (2nd cousin?) and her research into trying to find the extended family. The need for the backtracking, perhaps more than the norm, is that my greatgrandmother (rose) died in the depression and my great grandfather (william) couldn't take care of them (jobless, I think). The two oldest kids (my grandfather and one of his sisters) was placed in an orphanage. Another was sent off to one set of relatives and another was sent to another. AFAIK, the kids were not in touch much after that.

The woman (Tina) that contacted me was the granddaughter of the littlest one. Bizarely, the littlest one was named Tessa...which is my sister's nickname and the woman that contacted me shares the name of my sister. Our naming conventions seem to have been moderately conservative.

The reason she was able to find me was because of some of the shared family stories...and google. :)

Its not the first time that someone of the Baird lineage has come out of the woodwork...:)

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